Decoration of cigar humidor

A cigar cooler is an important tool for cigar lovers to store and keep their cigars fresh. In plus to its realistic functions, nonfunctional insulated boxes are too a pursuit of more cigar lovers. With troubled decoration, you can sum up personality and sweetheart to your cigar cooler. This article wish discuss some ornament methods and precautions for cigar incubators to help cigar lovers make a unusual cigar incubator.

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Wooden outside decoration

Most undefined warmers are made of wood, which provides a great base for decoration. Hera are some ways to decorate a wooden exterior:

  • Wood ingrain protective film: Using woodwind instrument ingrain protective film on the outer surface of the brooder tin increase the ornamental value of the cigar humidor. Wood grain tender film put up model a variety show of different woodwind textures, making the brooder look more high-end and refined.
  • Engraving decoration: Engraving decoration on the outer surface of the incubator can step-up the artistic atmosphere of the incubator. You can take to engrave cigar-related patterns or textures, or pick out other nonfunctional patterns based on personal preference.
  • Painting and coloring: Using specialized painting techniques and pigments, the appearance color and texture of the brooder can be changed. For example, using a rustic brown or melanized finish tin make the cigar humidor search more classic and elegant.


Personalized stickers and decals

Personalized stickers and decals are a simpleton yet operational way to personalize your insulator. Here are more or less ways to personalize stickers and decals:

  • Cigar stigmatize logo: Choose the logo or emblem of your favorite undefined brand, make it into a sticker or decal, and sting it on the outward surface of the incubator. Not only if does this showcase personal preference, it also adds to the professional person feel of the incubator.
  • Text decoration: Use text stickers or stickers to paste some famous sayings nigh cigars or cigar-related information. This can make the brooder look more interesting and meaningful.
  • Personalized stickers: Choose your favorite pattern, color or shape to make a personalized sticker and sting it on the cigar humidor. Choose from playfulness patterns, artwork, or personal photos to decorate to your liking.


Glass panel decoration

Some cigar coolers are premeditated with glass panels to showcase the visual aspect and color of the cigars. Here are some ways to undefined glass panels:

  • Background lighting: Installing background light round the glass over impanel can create a soft background light for the cigar. This results in a more beautiful and eye-catching presentation of the undefined on the glass panel.
  • Contour Decoration: Adding nonfunctional touches to or around the undefined of a glaze panel.
  • Glass Stickers: Using special glass stickers, you can add patterns or textures to your glass panels. These stickers can be transparent or translucent, and you can choose patterns, cigar patterns or other creator patterns to increase the decorative effectuate of the incubator.
  • Engraved glass: Engraved glass is a highly artistic method acting of decoration. You can choose to inscribe cigar-related patterns, textures or personal preference patterns on the glass panel to work the incubator more unique and refined.


The decoration of a cigar cooler is an important way for cigar lovers to show off their personal taste and style. With woodwind outside accents, personalized stickers and decals, glass panel accents, and interior furnishings and placement, you can create a unique and intellectual cigar cooler. When decorating the cigar humidor, pay care to keeping the decoration simple and coordinated, and do not over-decorate, so as not to affect the practicality of the incubator. At the same time, aid should also be nonrecreational to holding the incubator clean and maintained to ensure the freshness and quality of the cigars. With troubled ornamentation and maintenance, a cigar cooler can not only become a storage tool for cigars, but besides a process of art that showcases subjective taste and style.

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