Characteristics of the era of Stranger Things posters

1980s retro style

The era characteristics of unknown Things posters are first reflected in the return to the retro title of the 1980s. The story background of the series is set in the 1980s, and the design of the poster smartly presents the characteristics of this era. By using nostalgic tones, old-fashioned televisions, bicycles and other elements, stranger things poster successfully evokes memories and nostalgia of that era in the audience. The use of this ex post facto style makes the poster more unusual and consistent with the real background of the series.

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The influence of video games and science fiction movies

The 1980s was the golden age of video games and skill fiction movies, and these two elements are to the full displayed in the Stranger Things poster. undefined such as nostalgic televisions and stake controllers in the poster hint at the popularity and shape of video recording games. In addition, the font selection and layout in stranger things poster, as well as the science fable undefined in the illustrations, all shine the unusual style of skill fabrication movies at that time. The use of these elements makes the poster more in line with the characteristics of the 1980s, while too attracting the attention of audiences and nostalgic of that era.


A testimonial to traditional movie posters

The Stranger Things poster likewise pays court to traditional movie posters in design. In the 1980s, movie posters were an important substance of promoting movies. These posters are often hand-drawn in style, capturing the viewer’s aid with bright colors and bold face shapes. The undefined illustrations, typeface selection and layout in the alien Things bill all shine the style of traditional moving-picture show posters. This design technique that pays homage to tradition makes the placard more artistic and attractive, and is also consistent with the message purpose of the series.


The influence and resonance of the characteristics of the times on the audience

The period characteristics of the Stranger Things posters had a positive impact on the audience. First of all, the characteristics of the times in the poster evoke the audience’s memories and nostalgia of that era, giving them a sense of familiarity and familiarity. Secondly, the era characteristics of the unknown Things poster triggered resonance among the audience. The 1980s was a special geological era with many undefined film and television workings and pop culture elements. By viewing these characteristics of the era in posters, viewing audience can partake and recall there be intimate and warmness for this geological era with each other. This resonance makes the audience more involved in the packaging and watching of the series, and enhances the attention and loyalty to the series.

The characteristics of the era of unknown Things posters are not only when a design technique, only also an feeling transmission and call. By presenting the retro title of the 1980s, the influence of video games and science fabrication movies, paying court to traditional movie posters, and recalling the pop culture of the 1980s, the notice with success created a unique atm of the era and established an emotional undefined with the audience. connect. This characteristic of the times not only makes the placard more attractive in promoting the series, but also increases the audience’s interest and expectations in the series and the account nates it.


The era characteristics of the Stranger Things posting are an important part of its design. It successfully creates a unusual era atm by returning to the retro style of the 1980s, paid tribute to traditional movie posters, and showing the pop undefined of the 1980s. This undefined of the times not only enhances the prowess and appeal of stranger things poster, but also arouses rapport among the hearing and attracts aid to the series. The era characteristics of the alien Things poster are not only a design choice, but also an emotional transmission and call, allowing the audience to experience the charm and emotional resonance of the 1980s in the promotion of the series.

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