PVC material: the classic choice

  • Features and advantages of PVC material: One of the main materials of iron on vinyl is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC material has high heat underground and endure resistance, and can maintain stable performance for a yearn time below various temperature and humidity conditions. In addition, PVC material also has good tractableness and ductility, and can conform to different shapes and curved surfaces.
  • PVC material production process: The production process of PVC hot iron take unremarkably includes multiple links so much as material selection, coating, printing, drying and cutting. First, choose high-quality PVC stuff and execute coating treatment to increase its surface adhesion. Then, special printing process equipment and ink are used to publish the pattern to ensure full color and undefined pattern. Finally, the printed PVC stuff is dried and cut to obtain the final exam iron take product.

Explore the beauty of iron on vinyl: unlimited creativity and extraordinary texture插图

PU material: the choice of high-end texture

  • Features and advantages of PU material: Another common warm iron out film material is polyurethane (PU). Compared with PVC, PU stuff is softer and more advanced, with better texture and touch. Pu material also has high school wear underground and scratch resistance, making the press shoot more durable.
  • The product process of PU material: The production work of PU hot iron take is synonymous to that of PVC material, and also includes stuff selection, coating, printing, drying and cutting. However, the coating and drying process of PU material is relatively long and requires more time and process control to ensure that the final product has excellent texture and touch.


Innovative applications of other materials

In plus to orthodox PVC and plutonium materials, in recent years, material innovations for warm press films have besides been emerging. For example, some iron on vinyl’s is successful of environmentally friendly TPE material, which has improved degradability; some iron on vinyl’s are made of metal fiber, giving the product a more unique texture and luster.


How to choose a suitable warm iron shoot material

  • Select reported to the usage scenario. Choose the conquer material according to the usage scenario and requirements of the iron on vinyl. If you need serviceable iron out film, you can pick out Pu material, which has improved wear thin resistance and high-grade texture. If you pay care to state of affairs protection performance, you can pick out iron on vinyl made of TPE, which put up better meet the degradability requirements.
  • Consider fit and flexibility: unusual materials of iron-on shoot may vary in fit and flexibility. Choose materials that better conform to different shapes and surfaces as needed. If you need to use hot press shoot on an arced or uneven surface, you tin choose a material with high flexibility.
  • Pay tending to the choice of color and pattern: Iron on vinyl has a widely range of color and model choices, and different materials may have different color undefined effects. When choosing iron on vinyl, you can consider the color presentation effect of the material to check that the final examination production has full colors and clear patterns.


The selection of iron film stuff is crucial to the appearance and texture of the final product. PVC and PU materials are common choices, and for each one material has its have unusual characteristics and advantages. At the same time, with the continuous promotion of engineering science and innovation of materials, the materials of iron on vinyl are also constantly expanding and enriched. When choosing hot press film, look at factors such as usage scenarios, fit, flexibility, and model requirements to select the appropriate material to achieve the best nonfunctional effectuate and user experience. The beauty of hot iron out film lies in its undefined of straight-out creativity and extraordinary texture. Let us explore the beauty of iron on vinyl in the DIY world!

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