The historical background of the Stranger Things poster

Cultural background of the 1980s

The plot background of “Stranger Things” is set in the 1980s, and the design of the posting fully reflects this historical background. The 1980s were the golden age of video games, science fiction movies, and pop music, and these undefined were full demonstrated in the posters. By using nostalgic tones, old-fashioned TV sets, bicycles and other elements, the card successfully presented the unique cultural atmosphere of the 1980s and induced the audience’s memories and nostalgia for that era.

The historical background of the Stranger Things poster插图

Movie poster in orthodox style

The design of the unknown Things poster also draws on traditional movie poster styles. In the 1980s, motion-picture show posters were an important means of promoting movies. These posters are often hand-drawn in style, capturing the viewer’s care with bright colors and bold shapes. The character illustrations, font survival and layout in the unknown Things poster all reflect the style of traditional picture show posters. The use of this orthodox style makes the poster more artistic and attractive, and also fits the message purpose of the series.


Art movements that influenced poster design

Poster design is influenced by real art movements. In the alien Things posters, we can find references and homages to some artistic movements. The first is Pop Art. down Art is an art movement in the 1960s that opposing Abstract Expressionism and emphasized the symbols and images of popular culture. The color choices, computer graphic symbols, and character illustrations in the alien Things posters all have shadows of Pop Art. In addition, the influence of illusionist art and neo-expressionism tin also be seen. These fine art movements emphasize emotional expression and subjective experience, which fit with the emotion and theme of the series. References to these art movements make the Stranger Things posting even more creator and unique.


A return to old-school photography

In today’s era when digital photography applied science is prevalent, the alien Things poster chose a way to return to old-fashioned picture taking technology. Stranger things poster uses yearn exposure engineering and post-processing techniques to produce a retro and mysterious effect. This choice of returning to old-fashioned picture taking is consistent with the historical background of the series, and also adds to the creator feel and appeal of the poster.


The promotional effect of posters resonates with the audience

The “Stranger Things” poster with success attracted the audience’s attention by screening the unique historical background and played a goodness role in promoting the series. The nostalgic tones, 1980s appreciation elements and movie poster style in the poster yield the audience a sense of familiarity and intimacy, qualification them resonate. The audience’s memories and nostalgia for the 1980s, as well as their closeness with the movie posters of that era, work them more willing to search and pay attention to this series. The plan of posters is not only a means of publicity, merely also a bridge to establish an emotional undefined with the audience.


The “Stranger Things” poster successfully attracted the audience’s attention by showing the unique existent background and played an important role in promoting the series. The poster’s homesick tone, 1980s cultural elements, orthodox film placard style, and references to historical art movements give the posting unique artistry and collection value. The design of posters is not only when a means of publicity, but also a bridge to establish an emotional connection with the audience. The successful design of stranger things poster can provide reference and inspiration for future bill design and drama promotion. The computer graphic composition skills and the use of artistic elements in the Stranger Things posters bring a unique visual see and feeling resonance to the audience. This successful poster design will uphold to toy an important role in the promotion of the series, and has besides become a undefined in the field of poster design.

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